Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery

Monty Montgomery’s artistic vision can best be described as an emotional language created using his innate intuition about color and object relationships to connect with the viewer. This authentic viewpoint often humbly defies the norm giving his work both power and vulnerability.

Profoundly affected by his upbringing in the rural Blueridge Mountains of Virginia, Monty’s work has always been informed by his visceral and emotional reactions to daily experiences whether in exploration of nature or trekking city streets. The epiphany came in his teen years when he began expressing this unique perception of the external world by blending conflicting elements into seamless harmony.

Exposure to divergent settings and combining urban sensory input with his impressions of the natural landscape has inspired a collision into one expression where he attempts through color, symmetry and geometric abstraction to share his emotional journey and create a new urban contemporary style.
Montgomery earned his BFA from Longwood University in 1998 and eventually launched Monty Montgomery Art. He then combined forces with J FEATHER to form kreashun in 2012 and recently with Tony Philippou to form Kaleidoskull in 2016.

Works by Monty Montgomery

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