“Within the highlands of Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss, a waterfall of the Skjálfandafljót River can be found along an old mountain road. The journey to this waterfall begins far from the busy capital by traveling to the Northeast part of Iceland. From the main highway I drove for about an hour on a gravel road surrounded in many places by Iceland’s famous sheep. Eventually the road leads to a small farm. After passing through the gate that encloses the sheep in their farm, the road climbs the rough terrain up the mountainside until you reach this secluded area. Like a lot of areas in Iceland, Aldeyjarfoss sits within a lava field. The dark, weathered, basalt columns behind the falls were formed from volcanic activity as well. The river can be seen from above as it rushes over the cliff. The pool below swirls around like a punchbowl being stirred, and then rages violently down its stream and eventually out to sea. The strength and magnitude of this waterfall in person is simply awesome. The adrenaline you feel standing high above the vertical drop of the cliff above this great work of nature is literally breathtaking. I found myself taking deep breaths with my heartbeat racing while standing on the edge of the cliff high about the violently swirling pool below me. Some beautiful moments are filled with peace and serenity. This one was just the opposite. This experience was incredibly intense, but it was just as special and memorable to me as any that I enjoyed in Iceland.” – Jon Barnes

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