“The idea of ‘Secluded Sanctuary’ began when Jon was looking for a place to capture the low tide that was less crowded and isolated from civilization. He went back several times practicing and learning the tides and the area as much as he could waiting for the perfect night to shoot what he was beginning to picture in his mind as a final image. Dramatic clouds began to form one afternoon and Jon wondered if this was the day he had been hoping for over the last several months. The potential for a magnificent sunset continued to build and with it the anticipation and excitement in Jon did as well. Then, it happened. The sky started to change color as the sun began to set and build into something really nice. That is when the magic began! Over the next few minutes the sky exploded with dramatic contrast and amazing, vibrant color. This was it. This was the day that Jon had been waiting for. With all the time he had spent in his little sanctuary, secluded from the world he knew this area better than anyone. Jon found the perfect foreground that would lead the viewer into this breathtaking display of color by Mother Nature above. Then, in just a few minutes, it was gone. The strength and vibrant nature of the colors faded and it was over. Jon’s hope is that with this image and all that went into it, one can really appreciate all that goes into crafting the perfect image for an artist. It all has to come together and in this case it exceeded even what Jon had imagined in his head. It seems as if Mother Nature always impresses and never disappoints.” – Jon Barnes

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