“Amidst the endless expanse of the Saudi desert, where the shifting sands whisper tales of ancient
civilizations long forgotten, a remarkable event unfolded. The Prince, on his pilgrimage from
Iran to Egypt, found himself amidst the dunes, was welcomed with a Westernized birthday celebration,
a stark contrast to the traditional empty landscapes surrounding him.
In the midst of the festivities, the Prince was presented with a whimsical birthday hat, decorated with
vibrant colors and playful patterns. Instantly charmed, he donned the hat with delight, its presence
becoming a symbol of joy amidst the arid wilderness.
Throughout the remaining days of his journey, the Prince proudly wore his birthday hat as he traversed
the vast expanses, a beacon of celebration amidst the solitude of the sands. Moving ever forward to
his destination.
When the time came for his coronation, the Prince found himself torn between tradition and the
fondness he had developed for his birthday hat. It was said that it took considerable persuasion for
him to reluctantly remove the hat, its absence leaving a void in the otherwise predictable ceremony.
Captured in this momentous photograph, the Prince sits in the ornate coronation chair, a hint of
nostalgia in his eyes as he recalls the joyous moments spent wearing his beloved birthday hat amidst
the grandeur of the desert.
Heavy is the head that wears the crown.” Polentz

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16 x 16 x 2 in (L x H x D)


Acrylic and graphite on wood panel

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