“’Zelda’ embodies the contrast of the entrapment of women in the stereotypical role of housewife in medieval times, against today’s more powerful woman as portrayed as heroine in movies, games, and television.

In my sculpture, Zelda is an armless female house robot, seemingly helpless, but containing the resources to click and change and come alive, like the Transformer toys my children used to play with.

The name Zelda is an Old German name meaning ‘dark battle.’ It also has contemporary connotations: the name of the Princess in the famous computer game, The Legend of Zelda; the name of the novelist F. Scott Fitzgerald’s wife; and the name of a witch on Sabrina, the Teenage Witch.” – Tall

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27 x 12 x 18 in (L x H x D)



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Ceramic, Glaze, Oxides, Slip, terra sigillata


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