Exhibition: Allied Craftsmen 2016 / A Group Show


May 13, 2016

On View Through:

July 14, 2016

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The White Rabbit
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White Tray
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Jimson Weed


// Exhibition on view May 13 – July 14, 2016

The Allied Craftsmen of San Diego is having their Annual Juried Exhibition May 13 –July 14, 2016 at Sparks Gallery. This annual exhibition has come to define the current contemporary practices of the group and exemplifies the group’s mission of producing work that pushes the limits of their chosen medium.

The Allied Craftsmen of San Diego, now in its 68th year, continues to be a major influence of contemporary craft and art in San Diego. “We are one of the oldest and longest lasting groups that continue to operate in the country, our mission and intentions have not changed over the years, but have continued to adapt to the art world as it evolves.” -Levi J Casias

Allied Craftsmen members pursue their inspiration through innovative process and unconventional design using materials such as wood, clay, metal, glass, wire, fabric, gold and silver. The group defines its acceptable mediums for membership as: “any serious craft.” What you won’t find is paintings, drawings or photography. It is our mission to present to the public the work of the finest contemporary artists of the region who work in craft media, to foster communication between those artists, and to contribute to a broader community appreciation of contemporary craft by sponsoring and supporting presentations that are made available to students and the public.

Participating Artists:

Alexandra Hart, Arline Fisch, Ashley Kim, Charlotte Bird, Cheryl Tall, David Browne, David Cuzick, Dot Kimura, Elizabeth Woolrych, Ellen Fager, Erin Dace Behling, Gail Schneider, Jeff Irwin, Judith Christensen, Julie Brooke, Julie Thompson, Kathy Kapolka Gruzdas, Levi Casias, Linda Litteral, Lisa Maher, Marcus Papay, Maria de Castro, Michael Hernandez, Minako Lee, Nan Coffin, Richard Burkett, Ron Carlson, Sandra Berlin-Kroll, Sasha Koozel Reibstein, Sheila Moran, Susan Ronan, Terri Huges-Oelrich, Vincent Robles, Viviana Lombrozo, Warren Bakley, Wendy Maruyama

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