Exhibition: Animalia / A Group Show


November 12, 2016

On View Through:

February 12, 2017

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The Legend of the Black Koi Fish
Pilanesberg Giraffe
A Horse with No Name
Hikari Maru
Jump for Joy
One Afternoon


// Exhibition on view NOV 12, 2016 – FEB 12, 2017

31 Southern California artists each feature a work of art depicting animals, both real and imaginary.

Gallery owner Sonya Sparks notes: “For this exhibition we are celebrating the elegance of nature in the animal kingdom through our local artists’ eyes. I am pleased to see each artist’s interpretation of their chosen animal in their own signature style. I wanted to revisit the concept of one piece per artist for this show, which we had done for our grand reopening show in March of 2015 (“One on One”). This requires us to trim down the selection to only the best available work for each artist in the exhibition. We are looking to bring together both artists and collectors who have a mutual passion for supporting animals in their own way. I hope you will enjoy this last show of 2016 as we wrap up the exhibitions for the year. Please join us to meet the artists in person for the opening or one of our artist talks, or perhaps even choose one of the artists to do a custom animal portrait this season for a special animal dear to your heart.”

The works on view include oil paintings, watercolor, iron and marble works, photography, archival prints and more. On opening night, refreshments and small bites will be served and the wine sale proceeds will benefit a selected nonprofit organization that supports animals.

Artists on view include: Amy Paul, owner of Pigment in North Park, and Brennan Hubbell, son of renowned artist James Hubbell. Other featured artists include, Gloria Muriel, a local painter recognized for her large murals, and artist duo Lee Selman & Carla Naden known collectively as “ManRabbit”. Selman co-owns a local dessert company (Paleo Treats), and Naden’s ambition is to try to change the way people view geriatric and special needs dogs (as Director of Animal Synergy – a local rescue group).

All Participating Artists:

Alexander Arshansky, Amanda Lynn, Amy Paul, Anna Van Fleet, Barbara Stanley, Brennan Hubbell, Carmem Gusmao, Eric Wixon, Gloria Muriel, Gregory Bada, Heather Lenefsky, Optimus Volts, Jeremy Sicile-Kira, Jo Palasi, Jon Barnes, Judy Salinsky, Kelly Paige Standard, Laura Ball, Lee Sie, Lenore Simon, Li Huai, Manrabbit, Marissa Quinn, Monica Hui Hekman, Neal Bociek, Perry Vasquez, Robby Ticknor, Ron Carlson, Roy Kerckhoffs, Stephanie Clair, Victoria Hanlon

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